When mountain biking in the Dolomites, you are mostly in alpine and high alpine terrain. Those who are on their own and forego the safety of a guided tour should consider these tips.
seasonable clothing and change clothing:
  • Bike helmet
  • gloves
  • glasses
  • Bottle
  • bolt
  • backpack
  • digicam
Your bike has a style guide Tool everyone should have any special key for smaller repairs it. In any case, taking every guest with:
  • a spare inner tube
  • Tire repair kit
  • Small first aid kit
Bike check
Having a top -maintained bike you are on the safe side , so we will carry out a short bike check before each start. Especially after the arrival to your bike is considered a trained eye for shipping damage:
  • Sit tight the quick release of the impellers
  • If the spokes are evenly tensioned
  • Does the air pressure of the tires, check the tire for cracks and cuts
  • Check out the spring elements
  • Check the tightness of the screw on the handlebar , the saddle , seat post
  • A special attention is directed to the brakes, you have no air in the system . Take a quick function check of the brakes
  • Switches the circuit correctly . You can check in on this occasion the chain , there are bent or stiff limbs
  • Check the frame for scratches or dents.
If you find defects, consult a specialized center to remedy the deficiencies.
Liability and safety
At the participants at their own risk on offer mountain bike tours. All participants in our technology courses , tours and events are to ensure that they have a valid insurance plan that covers the consequences of a possible accident. Similarly, a valid third party liability insurance , which damage they could cause to third parties, are required.
The mountain guides are of course insured liability.
The participants undertake to follow the instructions of bike guides consequence, this is especially true for steps to protect the group.
Each participant is therefore also responsible for the safe success of the tour and should be aware of the existing residual risk despite professional guidance when mountain biking.
All persons must be of legal age (18 years). Young people are admitted only when accompanied by a parent or guardian to the program.