The new protector backpack for E-MTB FR TRAIL E-RIDE

E-mountain bike adventurers know the situation all too well: not only do the spare battery and accessories for e-bikes add weight but they also need to be safely fixed to avoid slipping, and they must not pose an additional risk for the spine in case of a fall. With its new E-MTB protector backpack EVOC offers a solution to these problems.

The new protector backpack for E-MTB enthusiasts FR TRAIL E-RIDE is based on the revolutionary FREERIDE TRAIL BACKPACK with the ultra- lightweight LITESHIELD BACK PROTECTOR with 95% shock absorption. It features a main compartment that includes an extremely strong, padded extra pocket made of nylon ripstop to accommodate the most widely used E-MTB batteries from BOSCH, PANASONIC or YAMAHA.

Unlike other products on the market, this system provides for optimum distribution of the additional weight thanks to the centred fixation of the compartment near the body’s centre of gravity. In this way, the high-quality daypack fulfils all expectations of EVOC products in terms of ergonomic design and carrying comfort. Furthermore, the risk of injury is minimised thanks to strong fixation straps for the battery and the sophisticated padding of the compartment.

A separate fleece-lined compartment for the controller prevents scratches on the display. Battery charger and cables are cleverly positioned and fixed with the help of a strap. Also, you can clip your key to a special key ring to make sure it does not get lost, plus you can attach it to an additional ring in the backpack’s interior. Better safe than sorry!

When the going gets tough on the e-bike, our LITESHIELD AIR SYSTEM provides for excellent air circulation. Thanks to the use of special materials this system combines closeness to the wearer’s body (which is essential for back protectors) with a high degree of ventilation. An extra-wide, ergonomically shaped hip belt made of AIRO FLEX material directs the main weight – even when the backpack is fully loaded – towards the hips while at the same time offering optimum breathability.

Numerous additional features, such as an extra compartment for a hydration bladder, an integrated rain cover and a tool kit pocket, ensure that the FR TRAIL E-RIDE offers uncompromising support on longer e-mountain bike tours. The pack also includes a lined pocket for sunglasses, a mobile phone pocket and a helmet holder.