Up to now, a bike vacation in the region of the Sesto Dolomites was reserved for well-trained cyclists and mountain-bikers. With an E-bike you can discover the beautiful surroundings without major effort. The electric motor supports your performance. Hence, also less trained guests can do demanding tours.
In general, all mountain-bike routes are suitable E-bike routes provided that the mountain-biker has a proper E-bike and meets the technical and physical perquisites for this tour. Thanks to the support of the E-bike, you are about 35% faster than with a regular mountain-bike.
Due to the higher weight of the E-bike, you have to be careful when choosing tours where you have to lift the bike over fences or gates. The same applies to tours where you have to push or carry the bike.
On our bike map, you'll find all rental and service stations and places where you can recharge your E-bike.
Range of E-bike tours:
With our E-bikes we have done test tours from 1000 to 1500 metres of difference in altitude, but decisive for the range are: support level, stamina, weight, temperature and inclination. It is important to plan a longer tour, hence also plan a break in a hut in order to recharge the batteries while having lunch, which of course further increases the range.